May 1, 2017

Make a page Monday | Week 17

Happy Monday & Happy May! Today I am sharing a non-photo layout I created for myself last month, to motivate me to push through the madness that the next 6-8 weeks become with our daily lives. Spring is our busiest time of the year, between my work and the boys sports schedules. As they get older the business just gets crazier. Some years i don't know how we survive...but we do! I used Renew - the April Memory Pockets Monthly to put this page together :D

April 24, 2017

Make a page Monday | Week 16

Spring is finally here in Michigan and it is the most wonderful time of the year when everything starts to turn the green and come alive! In February we have to visit one of our fav write greenhouses to see that much green and of course the crazy plant lady in me takes a lot of photos! I got them documented with this months Monthly-Chronicles available at The Digital Press Co.

April 17, 2017

Make a Page Monday | Week 15

Happy Monday I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday.  We had wonderful warm weather and it was a beautiful day to spend together with family. The egg hunt is always the highlight of the day and one of the few times I remember to pull out the camera. This page documents some of our egg hunt photos from last year :)

April 10, 2017

Make a page Monday | Week 14

This layout was a fun filled run down memory lane! I pulled out some oldie but goodie photos of my boys from Easter 2011! Amazing how much they have grown and changed in 6 short years!

April 3, 2017

Make a page Monday | Week 13

Hello week 13! Lucky number 13! Maybe I should take it as a sign to not start this project :P

Tomorrow starts the 100 Day Project and if you do anything creative on instagram I am sure you have heard of this project. Creatives have been doing it for a while and I attempted to participate last year with 100 days of photographs and made it about 20 days in. This year my goal is to create 100 scrapbook pages. One per day for 100 days. Wish me luck! I am pumped to give it a shot and have rekindled my love of digital scrapbooking as well as my love of the project life app and scrapbooking on my phone!

This is my first layout for day 1 documenting my goals and plans to tackle this huge but exciting project. I will be sharing all of my layouts daily on my instagram if you want to follow along. I will also continue to share my favorites here on my blog every monday!
Cheers to being creative and pushing oneself to an end goal! Wish me luck!

March 27, 2017

Make a page Monday | Week 12

This weeks layout uses color!!! Lots of fun bright color to showcase some of Aidens 1st grade art work! This month I have spent some of my down time going through ALL of the boys school supplies, sorting, organizing and purging papers to get it into albums! I had grand plans when they were little to keep up with all of their school albums, but now that Dylan is in high school I have faced the fact that I will not. It is a goal of mine to at least get basic pages done and photos in albums so they at least have a few things documented from each year. Maybe one day I will get caught up...maybe...for now I am super excited to have this layout to add to Aidens 1st grade year :D

March 20, 2017

Make a page Monday | Week 11

Here it is another week,  and I have scrapped some more of those same photos I took last spring documenting our week in the life. I guess I keep scrapbooking them because spring is right around the corner and I know it will again be time to document a week in our life and I want to have some of the photos from last year into our albums! Also neutral is my jam lately...must. use. more. color... ;)

March 13, 2017

Make a page Monday | Week 10

Hello week 10! Today I am sharing one of my most favorite layouts I have created in a long time! This layout was made for one of this months challenges at The Digital Press, the Ransom Note ChallengeThe challenge required me to include at least 50+ words' worth of journaling on the layout, but also a mix of various alphas and word strips into the text. It was so fun to go through digital kits a piece all of the journaling together like this!

Again I used a large photo as my background and scrapped some of my favorite vacation photos right over top! I used a template and then typed up my journaling. Once it was completed I went through all of the journaling strips in my digital collection and pieced them into the journaling :D A daunting challenge, but so worth it in the end :D

March 6, 2017

Make a Page Monday | Week 9

This weeks layout was another one created with a large photo as the focus! I loved the rainy day journaling card in this kit and decided to make that my title along with a large photo of our home on a rainy day. There is seriously something so magical about spring rainy days :D

February 27, 2017

Make a Page Monday | Week 8

Hello February and all things love and valentines day! This layout was a simple but fun one to put together using a favorite new digital kit of mine by Meg Designs. It reminds me of some older SEI papers from way back in my paper scrapbooking days in the early 2000's! 

February 20, 2017

Make a Page Monday | Week 7

This weeks page uses some of the photos I took in spring of 2016 documenting our Week in the Life. I have yet to actually complete a week in the life album (maybe someday!) but the photos always make for great day in the life pages for our family album! The focus of this layout was on our daily morning routine and showcases some of my favorite photos of that particular day:

February 13, 2017

Make a Page Monday | Week 6

This layout is one of my very favorites of late! There is something so special about these sweet photos of Aiden. I can't stop putting together pages with large photos. I wish i had recorded more conversations we share while you are in the bath, but sadly they get forgotten over time. The photos though, they just makes my heart melt! 

February 6, 2017

Make a Page Monday | Week 5

This layout was one I created for our 6th anniversary together. We celebrated 6 years together (wow!) on January 29th and I am so thankful everyday this guy came into my life!!

January 30, 2017

Make a Page Monday | Week 4

This is a fun pages from our 2016 December Daily Album ( which still only has a few pages complete... and I am ok with that!) A page with some of the photos we took at our Eat Drink & Be Ugly, ugly sweater party :D What a great night with great friends & awesome ugly sweaters!!

January 23, 2017

Make a Page Monday 2017 | Week 3

Todays layout for Make a Page Monday comes courtesy of a blog post I shared last week on The Digital Press Co.'s blog. A simple tutorial on how to extract digital elements. This is one of my favorite digital tips and I have used over the years for my layouts and for my digital project life pages.   A simple and easy way to get more bang for your buck when you purchase digital supplies!

January 16, 2017

Make a Page Monday 2017 | Week 2

One of my goals for 2017 is to take more photos of us together as a family. I am very good at documenting everything else, but when it comes to family photos...well I'm not so great! We took a few on Christmas eve before we were about to head out for the festivities and they turned out so great. Nothing fancy, just us as we are right now. Together. This is my monthly goal, at least one photo of us all. If I get at least two I will be doing better than last year :P  

I created this page to document that resolution, because it seems once you put something out there, the universe has a way of helping out :D Wish me luck!

 {Full credits for layout here}

January 12, 2017

Project Life 2016

As we close the book on 2016, one would hope to close the book on the scrapbook as well, but that is a pipe dream I will never see :P I have just 12 weeks left of our project life 2016 album to finish up and as hard as I tried to get it done before the beginning of the new year, it sadly didn't happen! Even with the ease of the Project Life App, it was a big undertaking. If you follow my scrappy adventures on Instagram I was posting pages once or twice daily at the end of the year to get caught up. As of 4 weeks ago I was on week 27 and had all of those pages printed through the app.

Seeing those pages come to life was the little push I needed to get the ball rolling! Since then I have nearly caught up and plan to have this album completely finished by the end of the month!!

You can take a look at the entire album as it stands on my 2016 Project Life Page :)

However you choose to document your daily life, I can't stress enough that you should JUST DO IT! Don't let the fear of perfection or the need to use the latest and greatest products weigh you down. What matters most is that you document the moments when they are fresh in your memory and in the end the results will totally be worth the work :D

January 9, 2017

Make A Page Monday 2017 | Week 1

Hello 2017 and the return of Make A Page Monday Posts here on the blog! Every Monday I will share what I have been working on digitally, and hopefully inspire you to get documenting those memories!!

I always enjoy starting off the new year by reflecting on the good moments of the year gone by. This is the layout I created featuring some of those moments, super simple, just some of my very favorite photos from throughout the year :D

This layout was created with an amazing template by LJS Designs available at The Digital Press Co.

January 2, 2017

Hello 2017!

2016 you were a blur! As my boys get older the days just get busier, and I find things like blogging go by the wayside. (Hello...7 posts for the year in 2016!)

I still like having this home to share my pages and creative endevors so I am giving this a go again :D Sharing pages weekly with my Make a page Monday posts, updating pages with year long & monthly projects as they come together, and sharing more of my little shop! I am determined to make 2017 a more creative one!!  Cheers to new beginnings and resolutions to be the best we can be for 2017!!

To wrap up 2016 I created my annual year in review layout:

To put the layout together, I used my year in review template (available here in my etsy shop) as well as a few different patterned papers by Little Lamm & Co.


I have been doing this project yearly for over 10 years now! It is so awesome to look back at all of the memories from each and every year. It is truly amazing how fast time goes and children grow up before your eyes...

You can read more about each year in review layout here: 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 and 2008-2004 where I share how I went about creating this layout as a paper scrapper :)

September 15, 2016

School Days Mini Album

Today I am sharing the contents of a project I shared over on the Little Lamm Co blog a week ago. It is a project I have been working on for a few years now, story of my creative life! I started this back to school mini album a few years ago, when I picked up a black Project Life 8x8 mini album and decided it would be the perfect place to gather all of the boys back to school photos. I started printing photos and slipped them into the page protectors....and that was pretty much where it ended. Enter Little Lamm. & Co's Blackboard pocket cards and printables & templates. They were absolutely perfect to get my creative gears rolling again and made pulling the whole mini album together a breeze.

I used one of the templates to showcase one of my favorite photos from each year of each boy. Then printed a few other favorites to include in the mini album.

Believe it or not, I have even processed this years photos with the templates and have them all ready to print out & slip into the page protectors! 

Keeping this project super simple was the key to getting it caught up and doable for the school years to come!!

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